Friday, January 18, 2013

Another day of not so much time to myself. Between the early dismissal yesterday and the delayed start this morning, the boys have been home more than usual. Since we are headed into a 3 day weekend, in which I am determined to spend some much needed time with both Mark and Will, I have been trying to get all my usual chores done for the weekend. I’ve been dusting, vacuuming and mopping like a mad woman!

It has finally stopped raining here, after a week straight! I haven’t been able to walk because its been so wet, so I am hoping the next two days of sunny, but cold, weather will dry up the swamp that my backyard has become. Its funny, I have never enjoyed exercising ever, but since I have started walking and inching my way toward starting C25K, not walking for a week has made me a bit stir crazy. I have subbed in a ridiculous amount of housecleaning and walking up and down my stairs for the past week just to make sure I get some calories burned. Since October, I have been really involved with the website MyFitnessPal. I have found that logging all my food and activities during the day and the super supportive environment there has been a big boost to my weight loss. I am actually averaging more weight loss a month now since joining that previously.

I am really looking forward to relaxing this weekend. Last Saturday entailed an emergency trip to the dentist and then a stop at the ER for Will, one tooth removed, a stolen iPhone, pressing felony charges, grocery shopping, a trip back to the ER to retrieve the stolen iPhone and our first visit from the Tooth Fairy. I am exhausted just thinking about last weekend. I am really looking forward to Mark and I spending some time together catching up on this week’s DVR including Top Chef and Project Runway and he is looking forward to us getting some “geek time” together via World of Warcraft. I am hoping by Monday it will be nice enough out to take Will to the playground and get in a nice long walk for myself. I also want to get the finishing touches done with my blog, which I am really excited about!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

There was a rather embarrassing incident when I was 11, so I haven’t kept a “diary” since I was in the sixth grade. Other than term papers and some creative writing while I was at boarding school, I really haven’t written much at all.

I am Melissa and this is my 36th year. I am a mother to an amazing 4 year old boy, wife to a wonderful man and human to a miniature dachshund. I “reside” in Chelsea, Alabama, a growing town outside Birmingham. I “work from home” and am a self-admitted MMO addict, with World of Warcraft being my drug of choice. I am currently in the process of losing weight, conquering type 2 diabetes and convincing myself that one day I might run a 5K.

Why a blog? Well, why not? I love the internet, I have more time on my hands than I would like and its all part of Melissa v2.0 (which I will go into more detail later).


Not as much time to myself today. It actually snowed here! We haven’t had a snow day in almost 2 years. My boys came home early and my husband got to take a nap while my son and I sloshed around outside. Tomorrow is the Friday before a long weekend with the boys, so I have much to do. Looking forward to a long weekend WoW binge with my husband and maybe the park with little stuff if the weather gets nicer. My exercise for the past week has consisted of housecleaning and a couple of quick, wet walks with my teenie weenie, so I am hoping to be able to get back out for a walk and I finally have new and comfortable shoes!

More to come on another day, when I am not so brain-lagged!